Prayer is the Foundation! 

Prayer is the foundation of everything we do at KCC. Prayer is happening with individuals, groups, families and every ministry area of the church! Let’s make 2016 a year devoted to prayer. Below are ways you can get more equipped for prayer, get involved more deeply in the prayer ministries of the church and let your own prayer requests be known.

OutletPrayerMinistry | takes place during the weekend worship services at the Kentwood Campus. A group of people gather in the Prayer Chapel to pray through the 9:00 and 11:00 a.m. service times. These group members faithfully attend one worship service and pray through the other service. Their prayer time takes a variety  of shapes/forms and is a great place to grow in your prayer life. People can come every week or sign up for one weekend a month. You are welcome to come anytime to experience prayer in the chapel on any given weekend to discern if this ministry is for you.


AltarPrayerPartners | are equipped to pray with those who come to the front during the Open-Altar prayer time that happens each week in our weekend worship services at both the Kentwood and Wyoming campuses. This group intercedes on behalf of those who come forward. They also are available anytime an invitation is given for people to make a commitment to Christ and connect with them one on one to pray. Those serving on this team typically serve at whatever service time they regularly attend.


CarePartners | are available in the Prayer Chapel after the weekend worship services at the Kentwood Campus. These care partners compassionately hear the needs/requests/heart cries of those who need someone to listen, care and pray.  Team members sign up for one or two Sundays a month to serve after one of the services.


PrayerRequests/Praises | can be submitted in a variety of ways at KCC.  You can submit them through the website or on the area indicated on the Communication Cards collected each worship service.  Every request and praise is prayed over specifically by a staff person and followed up with a contact confirming that indeed the staff cares and is praying.  For requests and praises people indicate can be shared more broadly, there is a sheet available at KCC Central of ways we can be praying for one another.

Contact Sandy for more information.