All Things Marriage


Marriage is the best and hardest commitment you will make in your life. We at KCC are all about helping couples grow in love for one another with support and tools that help your marriage be the best part of your life. Our classes are led by passionate couples who have experience in keeping the passion in their marriage and leading others to do the same. Invest in your marriage by signing up for the class that best suits you.    



Wedding Coordinator |

Do you want to get married at KCC? Learn more!


Approaching The Altar |

Getting married and need pre-marital counseling? Approaching the Altar is a five-week class for engaged or pre-engaged couples. Required class for those who wish to be married by a KCC pastor.


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To register: contact Sandy


REAL Marriage Classes | 

Do you and your spouse want to learn how to have a thriving and more successful marriage? Join one of our classes and attend our current series. They will focus on success, forgiveness, trust, and boundaries. There’s a class available every 6 weeks, so you can jump in whenever! 

For more information, please contact Andre and Julie Williams.


Restoring The Gift |

This biblically-based marriage workshop is designed to strengthen marriages by helping couples work through issues that may have caused frustration,bitterness or pain within their marriage. Learn more about Restoring the Gift.


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To register: contact Sandy