Here is where you will find all the information pertinent to attendees - classes we offer, opportunities to serve, the latest for small groups and support groups, ways to enrich and sustain your life, as well as opportunities to serve. Did I say 'serve' already? That’s because we at KCC take service to each other and the community as a given. We just assume that at some point in the time you spend with us, you will be so moved by the life of Christ that you will feel the desire to show it to others by just loving them.

For some that takes the form of Outreach (what we used to call ‘evangelism’ before the term was used to death and got some negative press). Some people just need to have conversations about Jesus. For others, that can peg their weird-o-meter at 10, but they still want to help the community in which they live. For those people we offer scads of ways, if not to ‘tell’ people about Christ, then ways for them to ‘be’ Christ to others.
To the right is a list of opportunities for growth we have at KCC. You most certainly don’t need to be a member of even a regular attendee to take advantage of them.
In fact you never have to become a member of KCC.  We certainly offer membership to those who feel moved to take advantage, but there is no secret handshake or anything else offered by membership other than being able to vote or hold church board offices.


Find ways to connect and develop friendships through outreach, groups, classes, volunteering, events and more.