Get Connected!

Getting connected is how you become part of a community. Helping people discover how to know and love Jesus and others is why we are here.


Our desire is to be a place where those who want to become like Jesus are able to grow in their faith through classes, life groups, gatherings and activities/events.

Adult Ministries |

Groups | and help you to make meaningful connections with others

Groups are diverse communities of people who come together to create a nurturing and spiritually growing culture that ministers to the needs of others in a relational manner. We have many small and mid-size groups that meet at various times and places.


Classes | help you develop, grow and live out your faith

Classes at KCC focus on three areas to help you as you become more and more like Christ.

develop your faith | gain a fundamental understanding of your new or renewed faith.

grow your faith | commit to increasing in your knowledge and understanding of the Bible.

live your faith | practically apply Biblical principles to relationships and matters of life.


Search for a group or class today! Just type your area of interest in the search and click on one of the options that appear below for details. Campus location is indicated by KW for Kentwood and WY for Wyoming at the end of the description.


Kids & Student Connections:

Real Kidz Ministry |
Children birth-5th Grade
His Kidz |
Children with special needs
Student Ministries |
Students 6th-12th


Connect the Dots | get connected!

Adult Connections |
Kentwood Overview
Wyoming Overview


Connect through Serving!

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