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Early Childhood | Real Kidz early childhood offers a weekly environment created especially for infants (six weeks) through young 5s. Through age appropriate fun-filled worship and amazing bible stories, children will build their spiritual foundation on the these important truths: God Made Me. God Loves Me. Jesus Wants to be My Forever Friend.

Elementary | In our Real Kidz elementary environment, kindergarten through 5th graders will experience high energy worship and exciting live production bible stories! Each week, children will explore truths about making wise choices, trusting God no matter what, treating others well, and learning to love Jesus whole-heartedly!

Our weekly environment for 4th through 5th grade students experience a combination of music, games, trivia, relevant lessons, and interaction with peers and awesome leaders!

His Kidz | Children with special needs up to 5th grade need to be shown the love of Jesus in a setting that is better suited to meet their needs. We have been blessed through a number of gifts to provide a multi-sensory room at our Kentwood Campus uniquely designed to meet the needs of these children. If you are a teen or adult and have a passion for children with special needs, join us to learn about how you can get involved!


The Parent Cue App is a free resource available to parents that can be customized directly to your child's age group. Each week you will receive practical tips to use in your weekly parenting efforts that reinforce what your Real Kidz are learning here at Kentwood Community Church on the weekends. Download it today!


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