Find your calling

God has a purpose and calling for every person. At Kentwood Community Church, you will find a dynamic, multiethnic team who love Jesus and desire to share His unconditional love with the world.



Residency Program

Kentwood Community Church offers a two-year, full-time (29 hours) residency program working within our ministry teams. Residents will engage in an immersive experience in exercising their gifts, gaining hands-on ministry experience, as well as receiving personal development and coaching.
The residency program allows you to work in the ministry area of your choice, including Worship Arts, Adult, Student, Multi-Site Ministries or others. You will gain practical and invaluable experience in a variety of church settings.
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Kentwood Community Church's internship program provides invaluable experience for you to enhance your knowledge and skill in a given area! Internship lengths vary, from one semester to a full year and may be determined as needed. Submit your résumé and cover letter here and fill out this application to get started!



NEW! - Wedding Coordinator 
|  Part-time

NEW! - Real Kidz
Early Childhood Coordinator

|  Full-time


Jobs@Explore & Grow Christian Learning Center

Teacher Assistant
|  Part-time

Before & After School Teacher
|  Part-time

Toddler Caregiver Position
|  Full-time

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