We are so glad you are taking this step towards finding community and relationship in God's family by visiting our site! We hope you will feel welcomed, loved and accepted. If you don't know what to expect when you walk into one of our campuses, we hope the information here will give you an idea and hopefully make taking that first step a bit easier.

What to expect

We gather together every week to learn more about Jesus and celebrate our love for Him. Knowing that God made each person unique, we do this through a variety of activities and settings.

We sing, serve and share teaching that helps us to grow in understanding our ultimate purpose to love God and others, while discovering His unique purpose for each of us.

We are continually being transformed by Jesus Christ to live out the mission and vision God has inspired us to pursue, guided by our core values.

Our statement of doctrine may be found here.


About Us

Anup Salve |
campus director

Despite coming from a different Church, caste, group or language, my hope is that when people step into our Nagpur Campus, they will feel the presence of God as we worship together as the body of Christ and will come to receive salvation and peace in their life through the Word of God.

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Plan A Visit

We gather together each Saturday at our Worship Center at the Amaris Auditorium situated at St. Ursula Girls High School. We have a wonderful service planned where you will be warmly greeted and welcomed.


During the week, we are available for prayers, listening from the Word and counseling at our office located at the India Peace Center, Civil Lines, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. We would also love to visit you at your work place, home or at school, just to pray over you and your family.

We have a women’s gathering every Wednesday, which we call Real Sisters. We encourage ladies to drop in for this time to share your concerns, refuel and be ready for the next step in living out your faith.

Our worship band members gather every alternate Tuesdays, so if you are a musician, just hop in and join us!

All these activities are happening at the KCC office.

What Happens In The Service?

Each week we hear a great message from the teaching pastor. We worship musically with songs and sometimes hear special music or watch a video which helps us to reflect on who God is and how we can connect with Him.

We also take time for those who call this their church home to give financially. There is never any pressure to give, but rather, we hope all who attend will choose to support the ministry joyfully, from the heart! Giving supports the life-changing ministries we offer; bringing hope and healing through the transforming power of Jesus!

What If I Have Children?

If you have children we welcome them to join us each week as well!

Visit our Connect page to learn more about Children & Student Ministries.