48 Days to the Work You Love

A six-week interactive workshop that will help you discover your calling based on your unique skills, values, dreams, passions, and experience. Create a plan to fulfill that calling by finding and doing the work you were meant to do. Join us Wednesdays, this November! Cost: $147 per person (add your spouse for just $50 more*)


What's Included:


•    48 Days to the Work You Loveseminar application guide

•    48 Days to the Work You Lovehardcover book

•    DISC personality & career profile

•    DVD intro lessons for each session

•    Stories from Dan e-book

•    Rudder of the Day devotional book 


*Couples who register for the special $197 couple rate will receive one set of all the resources listed in the “What’s Included” section above, plus one additional copy of the 48 Days to the Work You Love application guide and one additional DISC personality and career profile.  That way, each person will have their own application guide and DISC profile, but you can share the other resources.